List Of Verified Oldest Person In History, Let’s Get To Know Them

Longevity and prosperity are many people’s desires. Somehow, people do a lot of effort to gain longevity such as comply with a healthy life, avoid smoking, eating no carbs and so on. But, not much have a long happy life as below verified oldest person in history. Who are they? Check out this list:

1. Jeanne Louise Calment

She is the oldest of all centenarians. Jeanne is one of the verified oldest people in history and lives until 122 years old. Meanwhile, during her lifetime she witnesses almost all important events happen in the world such as both world war, the Russian revolution, the invention of the telephone, and even she met Van Gogh.

2. Sarah Knauss

Sarah Knauss is an American citizen and lives until the age of 119 years old. Her life is very well-documented. Additionally, she is also a leader of Leigh Country, Pennsylvania Republican. She has only one daughter, Kathryn Sullivan Knauss who also lives in longevity until the age of 101 years.

3. Lucy Hannah

While the above two centenarians having a well-documented life, Lucy Hannah’s status was recognizing 10 years after she passed away at the age of 117. Accordingly, she is an African- American and lives in Detroit after escaping racial tension in the south. The rest, not so much information about her.

4. Nabi Tajima

Nabi Tajima lived until the age of 117. She is a Japanese woman with a huge family and more than 140 descendants. Accordingly, her secret to having such a long age is eating delicious food and sleeping soundly. However, she passed away at a nursing home.

5. Violet Brown

Jamaica also has centenarians who live until the age of 117 years. She is Violet Brown. Additionally, Violet Brown seems like an interesting woman. Not only she is a hard worker until her elder time, but also because she is an entrepreneur. She claims her longevity because she eats everything except pork and chicken.

6. Emma Morano

The next verified oldest person in history is Emma Morano, an Italian woman who lives until 117 years old. She is such a beauty at her youth and chooses a single life because according to her it was happier. Additionally, she always goes to bed early and maybe that is the secret of her longevity.

7. Misao Okawa

Misao Okawa lives until the age of 117. Even more, she outlives her husband who died at the age of 84. But, she claims her life is short on her 117th birthday. Meanwhile, her indulgence of sushi and sleep claims to be her longevity secret.

8. Maria Capovilla

According to her descendant, Maria Capovilla is a tranquil person. Also, she never upset at anything. When she was lived, she is a member of upper-class society and love to fanning herself. Besides, she likes reading so much. At the age of 116, in the quiet dawn, she passed away.

By research, mostly, centenarians are a woman. Also, they have something in common such as sleeping soundly and foody. It seems like they took life for happiness. Maybe we can take an example of how verified oldest person in history lives their lives.