Top 5 Best Game for iPhone XS Max You Can Download on App Store

You can play many exciting games on the iPhone XS Max. However, from the many games available, you can try playing the best game for iPhone XS Max. You will play the game for hours and never get bored.

The iPhone XS Max is so sophisticated that will allow you to play complicated games. You will see great graphics and listen to amazing sounds when you play the best games. The following is the best game for iPhone XS Max that you can download on App Store:

1.     Fortnite

You can only play this game on iPhones that have high specifications. One iPhone that can play this game is the iPhone XS Max. This game first came out of the mobile device version in 2018.

Furthermore, this game was able to make a profit of 100 million US dollars within 3 months. The income will continue to increase along with the increasing number of players.

This game has a “survival” game mode so you have to survive until the end. You can make a defense from the wall to avoid the enemy.

2.     Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft as a developer released this game on July 24, 2014. This game is the best game for iPhone XS MAX. Furthermore, Modern Combat 5 is the first-person shooter game. In this game, you can choose 4 different classes as a soldier, namely Assault, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper forces.

You can increase the ability of each class specifically as needed in completing each mission. Moreover, you can play this game in multiplayer so that this game can be played with other device users. Communication via text messaging is also embedded in this mode to provide an additional playing experience.

3.     Oceanhorn 2

This game is an action game RPG that has a game formula similar to Zelda made by Nintendo. This game is very high quality and has very good graphics. Furthermore, this game is a sequel to Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas, which was released in 2013.

The character in this game is the adult version of the little knight in his first game. This game is very interesting for you to play and you can keep playing for hours.

4.     Monument Valley 2

This game is very successful and has even been downloaded more than 30 million times until June 2017. This game is a sequel to the first Monument Valley released in 2014. The sequel focuses on the storyline, which features the story of a mother and daughter.

Some of these changes are the result of learning from the players’ responses and feedback from the first game. Ustwo Games wants a very influential and strong mother figure in the sequel this time.

5.     PUBG Mobile

Playerunkownown Battleground is one of the most popular battle royals games today. The number of PUBG mobile players by the end of 2018 has reached 200 million players worldwide. In one day, there are around 30 million people actively playing this game. So, 100 people at once online can play this game. 100 people will try to survive by killing each other on an island. You must have great shooting skills to always survive. You can play this game on the iPhone because of its many benefits for you.

The game is very exciting for you to play to fill your leisure time. Moreover, you play it on the iPhone XS Max that has high specifications. You will not experience significant difficulties when you play the best game for iPhone XS Max.