The Most Strangest Occupation Ever You Will Not Even Imagine

the most strangest occupation ever

Are you the person who works for a company that you really want? Or are you considering to moving for a new job? But if there is an offer of the most strangest occupation ever, will you accept it?

Apparently there is the most strangest occupation ever you have ever imagined. The job is very risky, unique, and has a big income. Let’s check out the list of the 5 strangest jobs ever:

1. Pet Food Tester

The main task of this occupation is to test pet food. They ensure the taste, color, and smell of food to suit the tastes of pets. Moreover, they must check whether the quality of pet food meets the standards.

Even though it sounds disgusting, working as a pet food tester has a high salary. A salary of it is up to 532 million Rupiah per year. The level of job satisfaction in this occupation is also quite high.

2. Professional Mourner

The major task of this occupation is to attend the funeral. They will pretend to be sad for the person who died. Moreover, they will also cry at the funeral. So, the funeral will be more dramatic.

In Indonesia, you will find this occupation at the funeral of the Karo tribe. However, you will also find professional mourners abroad. This occupation is also quite common in several countries. For the examples are England, Korea, or Japan.

3. Odor Judge

The occupation of this job is to smell certain odor. One of them is from someone else’s armpit. Usually, this occupation is needed for knowing someone’s odor after using certain products. These workers usually work in a deodorant production site to check product quality.

The odor judge spends time inside and outside the room to sniff the armpit of someone who uses deodorant products. This aims to ascertain how effective the deodorant is. This odor judge can sniff around 60 armpits of people in 1 hour.

4. Professional Sleeper

Many mattresses and hotel companies employ professional sleepers. This occupation is to check whether mattresses, sheets, beds are indeed comfortable enough to rest and sleep.

This is really exciting work, maybe even a dream job for lazy people. Moreover, this job is suited for people who have a hobby of sleep. However, this work is quite heavy. It is because they must know how to lie down well to ensure the quality of the mattress.

5. Waterslide Tester

The last of the most strangest occupation ever is a waterslide tester. Waterslide tester can travel around the world when they have to test water slides in luxury hotels to playgrounds. However, there is no need to worry because before they try it. A security check has been done.

The waterslide tester works to determine how much water is needed. Besides, the waterslide tester must also test the speed to reach the bottom. In addition, the slide testers also test how safe the slide is. Moreover, they also must know how much fun the slide is to use.

Among these the most strangest occupation ever, which one are you interested in trying? Even though it is rare, who knows in the future you have a chance to have a unique job.