The Best Apps To Watch Movies From Android, Movie Lover Should Know About This

The movie is something interest to be watched. Many people like to watch movies whether in the cinema or at home. Formerly, people need to go to the cinema first then they can watch their favorite movie, but now everybody can watch any kind of movie easily from android. The development of technology makes this new contribution which makes people easy to entertain themselves. Even the movie is shown on the screen of android, it still able to watch clearly. Then, how the way to watch a movie from android? Here are the best apps to watch movies from android that you need to know.

1. HD of Mega Box

HD of Mega box is one of the best apps to watch movies from the android. in line with the name, mega box HD provide any kind of movie which has HD quality. The HD quality means that the movie is totally clear and bright. You can watch any kind of popular or old movie here. Then, the special thins of this app is you don’t need to download the movie first, but you can directly streaming on the movie. Mega box HD also provides an international movie from many countries such as Korea, China, Japan, USA, and many others. Therefore, it will be suitable for you like to watch a movie even you are busy.

2. Tubi TV

Well, different from the previous app, Tubi TV provides something unique and special for their customer. If you like classic and old movie in any kind of genre, you need to try to use Tubi TV. This app provides you many kinds of classic movies that you will not found it on others. You can choose the movie based on the rate and also review from other people.

3. Cinema Box HD

The next app is Cinema Box HD. This app also provides many popular movies with any kind of genre. Moreover, you can watch them free. It is so interesting. Not only a movie, the cinema box HD also provides drama and TV series. Thus, if you like watching drama such as Korean drama and many others, it better for you to hurry to visit the site and watch your favorite drama here. You might download the file first, then watch it offline or you can also directly watch the movie by online streaming.


When you are talking about the best apps to watch movies from android, Indonesian will be familiar with this app. Yes, HOOQ is movie app that becomes popular in Indonesia. You can easily watch your favorite movie, drama from many countries. The quality and completeness of the movie might not be doubt again.

5. TV of Terrarium

The last one is the TV of terrarium. This app is just born but it can make many movie lover interested in. terrarium TV provides HD movies with any kind of genre. Start from the romantic movie until thriller movie are completely included here. You can also watch a popular movie which has some popular actors in the world. It is an awesome app that you need to try.

There are many kinds of best apps to watch movies from the android. The previous apps are just the a summary of all movie apps. You can try one of the apps and get your valuable time by watching your favorite movie.