5 Incredibly Innovative Startup Companies For Games You Might Want to Fund

startup companies for games

Over the years the gaming industry seemed underestimated. But as time goes by, the technology development changes it all. Today there are many startup companies for games that successfully attract some investors. Their product is not just the game to kill the time. More than that, games are now competing in the app market. Whether among game developers or with similar apps too.

In this article, we listed five innovative startup companies for games. Actually, there are lots of game companies which already created games too. But, these startup companies are unique until they get incredibly fund numbers. Below are the promising startup games companies you might want to invest:


This game company is popular among online sports game developers. Built since 2011 (some sources also noted in early 2012), FACEIT has produced many online games. You might be familiar with Counter-Strike and Dota 2. In January 2016, $15M received from three capital ventures, they are Anthos, Index Ventures, and United Ventures. The company proved its improvement by being the host of the thirteenth Glob Offensive major in 2018. It was a big event with the total prize of US$1,000,000.

2. Niantic

You must know the game of “Pokemon Go”. This phenomenal game was created by Niantic, a startup company from Google. But in October 2015, Niantic spun off from its mother company. During its journey, Niantic successfully achieved millions in funding. In January 2019, Niantic announced that they got a fund of $245 million from Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) fundraising event. This event was very prestigious because followed by Samsung Ventures and AXiomatic Gaming.

3. Skidos

Compare to the two previous startup companies for games, Skidos develops educational games for children. Because, they focus on helping children to discover their potency by solving the problem through the games. Their innovation is interesting because they also develop a mobile game for learning apps. Now Skidos is in partnership with Netflix to build the “Netflix of learning games” dedicated for 4-11 years old kids. In 2017, Skidos raised a $750,000 fund to run its education mission.

4. MadBox

MadBox was born in April 2018. This startup company is counted as a successful one. Then, in October 2019, MadBox has just received funds from Alven for $16.5M. Alven is an independent investment firm that supports Europian digital and technology entrepreneurs. After receiving the fund, MadBox is now planning to enlarge its business by opening the second office in Barcelona.

5. Playtonic Games

Established in 2015, Playtonic Games raised an incredible fund of £2.1M in the same year. It was not easy for the founders to create a compatible game for Xbox One, PS 4, Mac, Linux, and PC. Finally, in April 2017, they launched the first game named “Yookla-Laylee”. This game remained as the most-funded game on Kickstarter.

What we learn from those five startup companies for games above is about innovating. They did not just make a game, but also create new things, plan for long-term progress, brave to try, and many more. Just because you start a new company, it doesn’t mean you have no value. Thus, ideas are appreciated with a high number if you meet the right investor.