Here Are Top 5 Public Service Careers You Might Consider

You must have been confused about what career suits you. Public service is one of the career fields that are chosen by many people. Having a career in public service is very interesting. You can see a list of public service careers you might consider.

public service careers you might consider

By knowing the various careers you can have, you will prepare it well. You will know what you will do and what you will meet later. The following are the types of careers that you can choose if you have a career in public service:

1. Emergency Management

If you have a career in this filed, you will prepare and respond to any emergencies. Emergencies are very diverse, ranging from emergencies from human activity or from natural disasters. You will also recover an emergency until it really is the way it was before.

You must always be professional in this profession. If you are placed in the field, you must be able to analyze the risk of an emergency. You can also have a career in information systems, which will be very necessary during an emergency.

2. Public Education

You can have a career as a teacher, principal, and school social worker if you choose this field. The existence of many public education systems makes this career so interesting for you to consider. Moreover, the education starts from elementary school, state middle school up to high school.

Therefore, this field also has very diverse career paths. For example, you can focus on teaching, technology, administration, curriculum development, and so on. You can choose a major in education and teaching if you want a career in this field.

3. Public Health

You will help improve health at the local and global level if you choose a career in this field. This field is also very diverse, ranging from medicine, nursing, to public policy. Moreover, you can also only focus on health administration or hospital administration.

The public health area is also very diverse, ranging from global and epidemics, adult and children’s health, and so on. If you like teaching, you also choose a career as a health educator. So, having a career in this field is very interesting because you can help many people

4. Public Interest Law Service

If you like topics on discrimination, human rights, consumer protection, and women’s issues, you can choose this field. This field allows you to support matters of public concern in the realm of law. Therefore, this field is one of the public service careers you might consider.

If you choose this field, you can also open the practice of public service. Examples of public service practices such as legal services, or establishing law firms for the benefit of the private-public.

5. Public Safety

This career has a focus on public protection. So, you have to mitigate and also respond to all issues that threaten people’s welfare. Moreover, you will protect the public from crime, fire, property damage, riots, and so on.

Public safety organizations include emergency management agencies, fire departments, and law enforcement agencies. You can also have a career as a police officer, correctional officer, and firefighter. If you want a career in this field, you can choose a major such as criminal justice or criminology.

The article has told you about public service careers you might consider. You can choose a career according to your interests, majors, and also your preferences. So, you must understand that being a public servant is not easy.