List of Countries With The Most Beautiful Faces in The World Which is Very Charming

There are several countries famous as the birthplace of beautiful women in the world. for example, Venezuela or South Korea has beautiful and beautiful women. In addition to Venezuela and South Korea, the following is a list of countries with the most beautiful faces in the world.

1 Russia

Russia has been namely as a country with women who have blue eyes, bright skin and flawless to proportional weight. Not only Russian women who have grown up, who are still children, are already very charming.

Russian women are attractive because of their beautiful skin. They are also famous for their tall bodies, blue eyes, and beautiful figures themselves. Blonde / bright hair, big blue eyes, and thick lips are the hallmark of Russian women’s beauty.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the female characteristics are seen from the color of white skin, blue eyes, reddish-blond hair and a tall, slender body. Generally, they prefer having long hair.

2 Brazil

Brazil has many amazingly beautiful models. Not only has a beautiful face, but even Brazilian women are also identical to women who have a sexy body. Both Brazilian blonde and brunette women are known to have a sexy, sporty, and charming body.

In addition, most Brazilian women have glowing skin that makes them look very sexy. Brazilian women are also the hottest figures in the world. They have somewhat fallen lips and exotic skin.

Brazilian girls, whether they have blonde or brown hair, are known for their sporty and attractive style, even though their faces are very charming. Most of them have shiny dark skin. This country is one of the countries with the most beautiful faces in the world

3 India

India is also one of th in the list of countries that have the most beautiful women in the world. Many countries have recognized that India is inhabited by women with beautiful and charming faces.

This Indian woman has a typical dusky complexion and radiant skin that is valid by beauty experts. Moreover, when they wear typical Indian women’s clothing that perfects their beauty.

In India, the beauty of women is not only show up from the physical. But also their mental health. Many Indian women go on a healthy diet, yoga, and apply cosmetics made from natural.

Which is the main key to appearing perfect. Looking healthy and bodied like a Spanish guitar, Indian women are secure to have a strong appeal in the eyes of men.

4 France

French women are not only famous for their facial beauty. However, French women are also known to have a graceful and energetic attitude and appearance that is so fashionable. Most French women have bright skin color with typical blonde hair.

Not much different from Russian women, French women are also identical with very beautiful eyes. In Paris, beauty is slim, graceful, beautiful and classy.

The women are very willing to spend a lot of time for beauty treatments. Because Parisian women are slim, they only provide clothes with size 12 for women. Strangely, according to them, the age of 60 years is when a Parisian woman looks the most beautiful.

That is some list of countries with the most beautiful faces in the world. Beautiful faces are very riveting after by local men and tourists. so that not a few tourists who marry women from these countries.