Famous Places as a War Zone You Can Visit

Going on a holiday doesn’t always mean Disneyland, shopping or sleeping in the hotel. Instead, try visiting the ex-war zone where you can also learn about the history. The places might not be a beautiful view, but at least people can see the real fact. These days, there are many famous places as a war zone in the world that you can visit. Despite clearing the war zone, people take care of it and make it a history.

If you are planning to go on holiday, try visiting famous places as a war zone. Some of the places are now beautiful, but others are left just how they are. Here is some recommendation you can visit on your holiday:

1. Morotai Island – Indonesia

Indonesia was one of the witnesses in the loss of world war two. Morotai Island is an island in North Maluku that was once the base of Japan’s Military. This island is the place they keep their weapons and transportation. So, when coming here you can see all the weapons and cracks of their belongings. For those who can dive, can see one of the planes inside the sea. It is around 40 meters beneath the sea, so it is not too deep. Even though is a bit creepy, but the view inside itself is beautiful.

2.     Cu Chi Tunnel – Vietnam

A chi tunnel in Vietnam is now a museum underground where people can visit. On like other museums, there isn’t much equipment or buildings. It is more like a big forest, but certain places are meaningful. The museum is very wide, 100 hectares, therefore it needs days to cover the whole museum. This tunnel is a place where the Vietcong go against the South Vietnam government in 1968. Here you will also be able to see the places where they hide themselves and their weapons. For those wondering, the museum is located 35 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh. 

3.     Museum Genosida – Cambodia

The museum was once a place as a jail for the victim of General Saloth Sar or Pol Sot in 1976. Pol pot was a very cruel person at that period. Anyone who went against him will surely be put in jail. Most of the people in jail were politics or smart people that knew about Cambodia’s history. Not many people were aware of this jail because it was hide tightly from the front. In this museum, people will be able to see cruel photos of the past. Some people say that at least 3 million people died in the hand of Pol Pot. In the end, people found out about Pol Pot’s cruelness.

4.     Nanti Lagoon – Sri Lanka

A beautiful place in Sri Lanka that people will not notice as an ex-war zone is Nanthi lagoon. The beautiful lagoon was an ex-war zone in 2009, where many people died. In 2009, the Sri Lanka army went against the LTTE, people who were living there. During the war, many villages were destroyed and many innocent people were killed. If people come here, they can see on their own burned tents, and other equipment used in the war. It is a creepy tour, but it will surely have become one of the famous places as a war zone tourism. 

5.     Museum Malaysia

The Malaysia museum was already a museum named the Selangor Museum. Then in 1899, during a war, the museum was destroyed and the building broke down. Years after, the government of Malaysia determined to build a museum to remember the incident.

There are many more famous places as a war zone that you must visit to see. By visiting these places, people can go on holiday and learn at the same time. Most of the places are now new therefore it isn’t creepy anymore. So, come to these sites, to learn more about the past.