5 Most Wanted Best Sci-Fi Movies To Put On Your Watch List In 2020

Certain people think that sci-fi is the best genre among all. The reason is that the sci-fi movie covers all genres, such as romance, comedy, fantasy, action, or even horror. Even though the portion of each genre is not significant, the sci-fi movie is still a complete package. Also, the sci-fi movie often comes from current problems, like global warming, health, and many more. Since this genre keeps innovating, we have the best sci-fi movies to put on your watch list.

Best Sci-Fi Movies

All of the movies below are coming soon in 2020. However, movie lovers cannot wait to see it at the cinema or online streaming. Whether you are waiting for the actress, the director, or the story, these movies are indeed worth considered as the best sci-fi movies to put on your watch list. Let’s find out what 2020 has to blow your mind through sci-fi movies:

1. Underwater

You will see a beautiful Kristen Stewart in this movie. As one of the underwater researchers, she must face a terrifying creature. Don’t think it is an alien or monster. How can we say? Well, just see the movie and you will find what it is. Underwater tells you another side of one creature deep inside the sea. Not over space or shooting monsters on the ground.

2. Godzilla vs Kong

This movie will be released in March 2020. It is a combination of Godzilla sequel with Kong, which both of them are the legendary monster verse. In a time when Godzilla is walking on the earth, Kong shows its powerful forces nature. Just wonder, who will be the winner between them. Are you the team of the monster, or probably you are the loyal supporter of the ape?

3. The Invisible Man

It is a collaboration between the Australian and American sci-fi horror film. Adapted from the original novel of the same name, you will be amazed by its story. The movie tells about Cecilia Moss who trapped in his abusive partner. Once she is successfully free, she hears that her ex is death. But she believes that all is a hoax. Then, she feels like being haunted by someone.

4. Krrish 4

If sci-fi movie is usually from America, then Krrish 4 shows you how great Bollywood creates a sci-fi movie. This is the fourth series of Krrish film series. For the first time, Krrish was an animated TV series. But then it is developed into comics, video games, until superhero film.

5. Black Widow

If you are the Marvel lovers, then you must be really waiting for this movie. This film is about Natasha Romanoff who on the run from the government. It is because she disobeys the accords of Sokovia. Watching this movie, you will remember the story of the Civil War and the Infinity War goes.

Ranking the sci-fi movie is not easy. Because each viewer has a different taste with the others. One might like the galaxy story, but the other loves to see how the monster takes rules on the earth. Whatever the focus is, those five films above are the best sci-fi movies to put on your watch list. Don’t miss one of them, unless you are the romantic comedy lovers.