Amazing! This is Some Countries With the Strongest National Defend

Besides his economic aspect, countries also respected because of their military power. Countries with the strongest army usually also presented as countries with the strongest national defend. Outside there, many countries with a strong army to keep their country safe.

There are many factors to determine which country has a strong army. These factors are the type and the amount of the weapon, geographic factors, the availability of logistics, and also the amount of army in that country. This is some countries with the strongest national defend.

1. The United States of America

The USA has the strongest army in the world. As we expected from the center of the economy, this country had the newest and most sophisticated weapon. Moreover, he also had a nuclear power with big explode. As a result, the USA is not afraid to show his power to all countries around the world.

However, this country usually takes too much part in the international conflict. With more than 329 million armies, this country also crowned as one of the countries with the strongest national defend. In the same vein, all of these assets are balanced with the economical aspect.

2. Russia

Russia is a big country with the largest area. It is covered from North Asia to a piece of East Europe. As long as the large of the total population, the amount of armies is more than 3 million personnel. However, this country is one of the biggest economies in the world with many oil reserves and natural gases.

Russia had involved the nuclear army with more than 7,000 nuclear warheads. His president, Vladimir Putin had good leadership that brings Russia in big progress. Russia builds a good relationship with China and many more. In short, Russia is the only country that can face the USA.

3. China

As a country with the biggest population in the world, China also had a strong army. China had more than 2.6 million armies in total with his great ability. Moreover, the budget that he allocates in the military aspect is $224 billion. China also builds a good relationship with other countries especially Russia.

However, China is in second place as a big economy country under the USA. He is the leader on export with the iconic label “Made in China”. China also had many nuclear weapons. In contrast, China has a bad relationship with neighboring countries near him. But, no one can deny China as countries with the strongest national defend.

4. Great Britain

Firstly, Great Britain is formed with 4 big countries like England, Scotland, Wales, and North Irland. Great Britain had a nuclear weapon and also a member of the organization walk in nuclear power, NATO. Besides, Great Britain had a big impact on technology, culture, and science.

With more than 2 million personnel, Great Britain had a strong army. For instance, the budget for defense the country reaches more than $224 billion. Britannian had more than 13.050 combat tanks and 714 naval assets. No country will bravely disturb this country without thinking twice.

In conclusion, there are some countries with the strongest national defend. It is getting along with the power of the army. Great military power walks along with the costs. It is not only about the army abilities but also about the weapon and technology they have.